Let us help you on your journey to the bike that fits you and your lifestyle to perfection. We can guide you through the different options of bike styles and functions, and get you the size and fit that's most comfortable for you.


Bicycles are designed and engineered for different purposes, and with different people in mind. Check out our guide to the main bike categories, and see what suits you and your lifestyle.

For a more personalised service we are happy to recommend our partner store Cycleways on Ormond Quay. To find your perfect fit Cycleways have a Bike Scanner that will calculate the best riding position for your new bike. Why not take advantage of this when you are collecting your bike. Totally free and ensures you have the correct position on your new bike.


A hybrid is exactly what it sounds like - a mix of a road bike and a mountain bike. The result is a bicycle that’s suitable for general-purpose riding over various types of terrain, which is why most hybrids tend to be used for commuting.


City bikes or town bikes are reliable, comfortable, affordable and great fun to ride. Can be used for multiple purposes for moderate level of fitness, these classic bikes will have you peddling past traffic in style.


Lightweight and efficient, road bikes have drop handlebars and narrow tyres for traveling as far and as fast as your legs can managed on paved surfaces.


Traditionally for off-roaders. Altough, the heavy-duty construction combined with stronger rims and wider tires has also made this style of bicycle popular with urban riders and courier who must navigate through potholes and over curbs.


Made to carry more, the kids, the shopping, make deliveries, run errands Cargo Bikes are specifically designed to carry load, a ‘box bike’ to comfortably transport small loads and a great alternative to driving.


Compact and adaptable, the Ridgeback Butcher is an E-Cargo bike that is perfectly proportioned to carry small and medium-sized loads.

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